Conference Session on Media Streaming with SwiftUI and AWS at NSSpain 2021

This year, I hosted a session about media streaming with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) at the NSSpain 2021 developer conference. The presentations was called “How to create a media streaming app with SwiftUI and AWS” and covers how to build a media streaming app with SwiftUI with an AWS powered backend for streaming content at various resolutions and bandwidths using HLS. To accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held in a virtual format on November 18th & 19th as a continuous 36 hours event. The full session is available on Create with Swift.

This session will walk you through the process of developing a media streaming app in SwiftUI that runs on an AWS powered backend using Lambda Runtime for Swift. It focusses on the various services offered by AWS that allows anyone to create complex and high performance backend services with a click to configure approach. Within only few days a fully functioning app, ready to be published on the store can be created.

NSSpain 2021 Agenda

I introduced Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technologies and provided a examples on how to create a media segment and playlist files to stream media content to app or web clients. Based in HLS specification, the client can select among stream resolutions and bandwidth according to networking conditions. For even deeper consideration, I shared how to monitor the playback buffer to switch to lower bandwidth streams if the playback is unlikely to keep up. Using the AWS infrastructure I showcased how to create a fully automated workflow for a media library backend and how SwiftUI can be used to build a production ready streaming app for all Apple platforms.

In addition, together with Giovanni Monaco, Tiago Pereira and Marco Falanga, I also created a series of articles, tutorials and GitHub repositories with sample code to share the session content on the Create with Swift website. The content aims to get you started with HLS streaming in your development projects for Apple platforms.

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ICSLT 2021 Conference Proceedings
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