Month: April 2015

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Internet, Why So Blue?

Internet, Why So Blue? Children ask why the sky is blue, and there usually isn’t anybody around to provide a satisfying answer. The sky is blue because… the atmosphere? And gases. The sky is blue because of the air and the Sun. The sky is blue because the sky is …

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Trying on the Apple Watch

Starting today, the Apple Watch can be preordered online and is available for try-on-sessions in local retail stores with an appointment. Appointments can be made on online or via the Apple Store iOS App since 9:01 AM this morning (April 10 2015). Apparently things are not as bad as expected, since I …

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Coffee in Paris

When visiting Paris, one should definitely spent some time seeing what needs to be seen, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Les Invalides, la tour Eiffel and everything else. All very nice. The rest of the time can be spent by sitting in cafés, drinking coffee, enjoying the sun. Good cafés are listed …