Monthly:December 2014

Case Study - Google Apps for Business im Einsatz bei Scholz & Friends

Case Study – Google Apps for Business

While working at the international agency network Scholz & Friends, I implemented Google Apps as a SaaS business solution within the entire network across various locations all over Europe for 1200 users in 2010. Google created a case study with Scholz & Friends and published it on their success stories page dedicated to the German market in 2011. Among other clients such as GE, Genentech, Qype,, Salesforce and myTaxi, Scholz & Friends is one of the most prominent customers. The case study can […]

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Why my iPhone 6 Plus won’t replace my iPad Mini after all

Personally, I was absolutely certain I would buy the iPhone 6 when I went to the Apple Store a few months back. For sure, I didn’t want a bulky mini tablet for a phone… so the iPhone 6 Plus was out of the question. When I first tried the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they both seemed huge in comparison to my outdated iPhone 5S. None of the two I could operate with one hand, reachability feature or not.  For […]

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No Right Click, Sorry.