Gunned down – destroyed Apple products

While visiting the recommendable Stylectrical exhibition at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, I learned nothing new as a well versed Apple maniac, but I stumbled upon some amazing pictures of destroyed Apple products. The collaboration between Michael Tompert and the photographer Paul Fairchild is called 12LVE and provides some amazing looking images.

 12LVE by digital artist, Michael Tompert, provides society a mirror, forcing us to question our infatuation with mere objects. By annihilating the adored, pulverizing the precious, and obliterating the beloved, 12LVE reminds us that although these objects have become quasi-religious icons, we will soon discard and replace them with the new crop—sleeker, faster, shinier.

Source: “12LVE”, Michael Tompert

Take a look at the photos I took with my Panasonic GF1 with a 20mm/F1.7 objective and no flash in a largely dimmed environment.


The entire exhibition can be recommended to Apple maniacs as well as anyone interested in electrical or industrial design. Although it holds no new information for me, it was well worth the money. A nicely designed book of the featured Apple designs is available at Amazon. Another interesting insight is provided by Jan Almeroth.