New Macbook Pro Benchmarks

New Macbook Pro’s have been introduced yesterday. And they seem to be a must have. How nice it will be to outperform its predecessor is shown in these first benchmarks:

(Source: “New MacbookPro Benchmarks”

The top-of-the-line MacBook Pro now outrank many of last year’s desktop machines including the Mac Pro and iMac.

(Source: “New MacbookPro Benchmarks”

Also I am intrigued by the new Thunderbolt interface. It is promising to have 10Gbps available at your fingertips. Engadget was able to transfer a 5GB file in just a few seconds measuring a transfer rate of 600-700 MBps.

I can’t wait to get one of the new Macbook Pro’s. Hopefully Thunderbolt peripherals will be available in a large variety as soon as I get it.

Still waiting for my Table Connect for iPhone

For the last 2 month I have heard nothing new about the hottest iPhone Gadget around – the Table Connect for iPhone.

(Source: “Table Connect for iPhone”

Basically it is a table mounted display connected to the iPhone which enables the user to control the iPhone Interface with multitouch gestures. It might even be cooler than the Microsoft Surface (I told you about than one recently). As you might remember, they posted this video in November 2010:

Shortly after they showed off playing Labyrinth 2 for iPhone on the table. I admit this is a fun video, but I don’t see any value in terms of the table development.

Since then, there is nothing new to report. There are no new video available and nothing happend on the blog. Their last twitter update is from December 14 2010, their latest facebook update from December 15 2010. Is there anything happening in the near future?

I really don’t want to be forced into buying a Microsoft product.

AC-7 Core – virtual DAW controller for the iPad

When using Apple Logic Studio 9, a DAW controller always comes in handy. Any control unit of higher quality easily costs more than $ 1,300 (e.g. the Mackie MCU). Now there is an alternative: the first sophisticated iPad DAW controller app AC-7 Core from Saitara Software.


(Source: “AC-7 PRO: Sexy, Wirelss, Virtual DAW Control Surface For Your New Apple iPad”

AC-7 Core is a range of wireless DAW control surface apps. The apps run on iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches running iOS4.2 or higher […]

Source: “AC-7 Core Family” Saitara Software

There are 3 versions available. They have different feature sets from reduced functionality to extension modules. In my opinion the AC-7 Core version is the only relevant one, priced at $ 7,99. It seems to come with the full set of features.

To use AC-7 Core, the iPad and the Mac running Logic (the app supports other apps as well) has to be on the same wireless network. Basically that’s it, thanks to Apple’s Core Midi framework in iOS 4.2. To see the app in action, take a look at this review.

Wether this app solves all your problems or not, it is quite a setup for small money. For myself I must admit I still want a Mackie MCU. Still, the AC-7 Core might come in handy in specific situations.