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FAST FORWARD IMAGING - Neumacher Award 2014

FAST FORWARD IMAGING wins Neumacher Gründerwettbewerb 2014

FFWI wins Neumacher Gründerwettbewerb 2014 – Congrats to FAST FORWARD IMAGING and the entire team. How incredibly cool is that. Even more reasons to try their awesome automatically cropped 360° hi-res product photography solution.

DISCLAIMER: FFWI is a company I am involved with as a managing director.

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Pull, Merge, Push – Online Music Collaboration

When I tried Composer the other day, I especially liked the approach they took on collaboration between musicians. They really seem to think of it like working with repositories when it comes to managing input from different sources and keeping track of revisions etc. Source: Online Music Collaboration, November 16 2014 So maybe there’s is github for musicians in the making, or at least there should be. What they really should do is, is provide an environment to share and collaborate […]

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Composr – Online Music Collaboration

Composr – Online Music Collaboration

Although I think the idea for this app is absolutely awesome, I am not quite sure what to make of it. In the end, for something real the app just lacks the functionality of any basic recording setup. Also in chrome the performance is pretty poor, even the metronome is laggy… I did’t try the iOS App I must admit. Collaboration is nothing new to music production although I admit, it is hard to find people to collaborate with on the internet. Once you find them, I suppose it is easier to work with conventional solutions like Logic or GarageBand etc. and share files and projects via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Leica - 100 exhibition

Eyes Wide Open! 100 Years of Leica Photography

For true Leica aficionados or anyone who is in interested in the evolution of 35mm photography and the 100 year history of Leica photography, there is an exhibition at the Hamburg Deichtorhallen you don’t want to miss: EYES WIDE OPEN! 100 YEARS OF LEICA PHOTOGRAPHY October 24, 2014 − January 11, 2015. A truly superlative Leica exhibition has opened at the Haus der Photographie at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. In addition to showing 500 photographs, there are technical exhibits, films 
and much more to attract […]

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Steve Jobs by Doug Menuez

Steve Jobs by Doug Menuez

Steve Jobs by Doug Menuez (Storehouse) – A story by Doug Menuez, documentary filmmaker and photographer, who spent some time with Steve Jobs at his new startup NeXT after he got kicked out at Apple in 1985. Photo Source: Rare Images of Stve Jobs at NeXT, new.dice.comMore photos by Doug Menuez about The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley can be found in his book: Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000

Rock of Ages - Las Vegas - 2

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is an amazing musical set in the 80-ies Rock era in Los Angeles. Recently I stumbled upon this Love to ROCK TV Commercial. I absolutely love it, but I am still a few visit away from having seen it 178 times… yet, I might add. If you are interested in how this musical came into being, there is a nice documentary created by coin called The Road to “Rock of Ages”. Sadly, the art of Rock of […]

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My Polaroid Gallery

Today I started gluing recently produced instant photos to the wall… So, here’s the first iteration of a personal Polaroid gallery. Since we needed to cover some boreholes, we started with a rectangle. Let’s see where it might end. I used tesa Tack, double-sided adhesive pads, to fix the photos to the wall. Despite all the negative comments on Amazon, they seem to be strong enough to hold the photos on my wall so far (no wall paper, I might add).

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