Month: November 2014

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FAST FORWARD IMAGING gewinnt Neumacher Gründerwettbewerb 2014

FFWI gewinnt Neumacher Gründerwettbewerb 2014 – Congrats to FAST FORWARD IMAGING and the entire team. How incredibly cool is that. Even more reasons to try our their awesome automatically cropped 360° hi-res product photography solution. DISCLAIMER: FFWI ist a company I work at.

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Pull, Merge, Push – Online Music Collaboration

When I tried Composer the other day, I especially liked the approach they took on collaboration between musicians. They really seem to think of it like working with repositories when it comes to managing input from different sources and keeping track of revisions etc. Source: Online Music Collaboration, November 16 2014 …

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Composr – Online Music Collaboration

Composr – Online Music Collaboration Composr, lets you record and compose songs together. Collaborate with musicians from all over the world. Mobile(iOS) and in browser recording. Sign up now. Although I think the idea for this app is absolutely awesome, I am not quite sure what to make of it. …