Conference Session on Media Streaming with SwiftUI and AWS at NSSpain 2021

This year, I hosted a session about media streaming with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) at the NSSpain 2021 developer conference. The presentations was called “How to create a media streaming app with SwiftUI and AWS” and covers how to build a media streaming app with SwiftUI with an AWS powered backend for streaming content at various resolutions and bandwidths using HLS. To accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held in a virtual format on November 18th & 19th as a […]

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Alles Neu Land

Developing A Media Streaming App Using SwiftUI In 7 Days

These days, app development has become the web design of the early years of the millennia. Anyone can do it and the entry barrier is lower than ever, especially with Apple’s 2019 release of SwiftUI. It is the latest framework for declarative development of user interfaces on every platform in the Apple technology ecosystem. With the updates presented at WWDC 2020, it felt like a production ready environment for SwiftUI only app development for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV […]

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