Monthly:August 2014


The Renovo Coupe – proudly built in Silicon Valley

“Introducing the first all electric american super car…” – proudly built in Silicon Valley, USA. For any Tesla enthusiast out there, this might be even better: the supercharged $ 500,000+ Renovo Coupe (Shelby Daytona Coupe lookalike), all electric with over 500 horsepower and 1,000 ft-lb torque. This true american sports car, 4 years in the making will hit the market with a limited number of vehicles in 2015. More impressive images and information can be found on the verge. So if […]

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50 Jahre Super8 8mm – Wunderblock – Deutschland, deine Speicher

Wunderblock – Deutschland, deine Speicher – 50 Jahre Super8 – 50 years after KODAK’s introduction of the Super 8 format, amateur 8mm material will be digitised, rearranged to new fictional stories and shown in a mini movie theatre on tour. The project will be in Lüneburg from July 19 – 20, in Greifswald from July 22 – 24, in Kelheim from July 29 – 31 and in Lengerich from August 11 – 14. So if you have any super 8 material in the attic, get going. Your material will be digitised for free if you let it be part of the project.

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