Month: May 2016

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The Future Is Here… Don’t Be Afraid!

When Mark Zuckerberg walked towards the stage at Samsung’s Mobile World Congress event in early 2016, one of the most discussed technology innovations became very real: Virtual Reality. Over the past years virtual reality seemed to be around the corner as the next big thing in media consumption. Suddenly, it …

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The Art Of Telling No Story – Data-Driven Journalism

Recently I wrote about data-driven journalism and whether it is worth the effort in regards to their monetisation potential for publishing companies. Although there are definitely¬†great and interesting stories to be told with large data sets, it seems unlikely that the immense costs involved in the process of creating these …

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Is Data Journalism Worth The Effort?

Data-driven Journalism is grounded in calls for open access to information and transparency and has strong links government related open data initiatives, making¬†public data available in standardised and open formats. It aims at the process of filtering data and telling new and interesting¬†stories with conditioned data sets rather than just …