My new boardgames… today: Carcassonne Mayflower

Today I am trying Carcassonne Mayflower, a spinoff of the Carcassonne franchise. I especially liked the original Carcassonne board game as well as the  iOS App for both iPhone and iPad developed by The Coding Monkeys. I spent many hours on both. So the Mayflower edition adds some desired variety to the game.


It is a standalone game, so no other version of Carcassonne is required. The game is set during the colonization of the Americas, the New World. From the eastern coast one moves west, building roads, cities and farms. With the surveyor, a new element to the game, securing points quickly is important. The surveyor is following the explorers and removes eastern tiles from being available for scoring.


It is quick game, 45 minutes max. A fact I like especially because I rarely have the time for games that last for hours. So take a look for yourself and if you get hooked, I can highly recommend the entire Carcassonne franchise.