See who joined us on our bike trip around La Digue

Seychelles - bike trip

See who joined us on our bike trip around La Digue… We named him Spikey. with Kristin at La Digue Island Seychelles

The view for the next week

Seychelles - the view for the next week

The view for the next week… #roomwithaview #islandhopping with Kristin at Hotel Patatran Village La Digue


Washday – I can actually SEE something now…. and it’s a beautiful day.

a tour de force


I really don’t get it… but I am sure there is an ingenious concept behind it. You can sit on it, I might add.

Seen at the bus stop on the Rathausmarkt in front of Hamburg’s city hall.

A Late Night Boat Trip on the Southern Elbe


While studying the naval map of the Süderelbe (Southern Elbe) and trying to identify the most important buoys and leading lights, the sun went down and everything started to glow. Although the lights are kind of distracting while navigating, it’s a beautiful way to explore the southern part of the Hamburg harbour and the definite highlight, the Köhlbrandbrücke (Köhlbrand Bridge).

Some Movie Tickets


Since I collected all my movie tickets since 1996 (at least that’s what I hope) and only remember 3 movies I have seen in a movie theatre before that (Beethoven in 1992, Aladdin in 1992 and The Lion King in 1994), I came to the following conclusions:

I have been to the movies at an average of at least once per month in the last 20 years and about 2.56 times per month during 1998 and 2008. That’s 308 movies in those 10 years alone, the most busy year being ‘04 with 49 visits to the cinema. That’s an average of 0.94 times per week in 2004.

As unremarkably as it may sound, I can still remember all of those movies in some detail and many of them I have seen various times over the past years. I plan to write something about every movie I’ve seen, no matter how dull the experience was.

All in all, I am not sure wether this is going to be an interesting story or a depressing flashback at my youth with nothing interesting to do in the countryside.

We’ll see….