1965 Mustang Convertible – Little Pony

This 1965 first-generation Ford Mustang convertible lived its life in Arizona and the surrounding states for the past decades. Now, almost 50 years after its first glance at the road, it lives on in Hamburg, Germany.


This beautiful compact car comes with an at the time brand new “A-code” 289 cui (cubic inches, 4.7 L) 4-barrel arbureted Windsor V8 engine with 4-speed manual transmission, a compression of 10.0:1, maximum motive power of 225 hp (168 kW, 228 PS) @ 4,800 rpm and maximum torque of 305 lb-ft (414 Nm) at 3,200 rpm. If you are interested in decoding your Mustang engine block, this might help.

It is a “late 1965 model”, indicated by the AC alternator light “ALT” in the dash and was build after the Ford factory retooling in August 1964. It has adjustable driver and passenger seats, sun visors, a floor console, 4 ashtrays and a fully working under dash air condition as well as the Rally-pac. More information about this model can be found on Wikipedia among many other sources.

For some decent entertainment it has an “original style” AM/FM radio with iPhone connector hooked up to the mono speaker unter the front shield. That’s the only feature in the car from this century.

It really is fun to drive at an average of just 10 mpg.