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Engineer. Essentialist. Explorer.

I am a passionate and empathetic engineer at heart with strong experience in product design,  business development and project management, extensive leadership experience and keen ability to sense white space.

Until recently, I was managing director of the digital manufactory INTOSITE as well as FAST FORWARD IMAGING. In addition, I was responsible for the digital development within the GANSKE MEDIA GROUP as an executive manager after some time as the executive assistant to S. Ganske. Before, I worked at the agency network SCHOLZ & FRIENDS in Controlling Systems & Information.

I built up teams from 5 to 120+ and took full responsibility for product management, development and IT teams within media corporations. Also, I worked on international partnerships and M&A projects within Europe, the U.S., Israel and India. In addition I have first hand 10+ years experience as an iOS developer, published 100+ apps, have been featured on international media outlets such as Mashable, Macworld and ranked among top 100 apps worldwide.  

After leading large IT and executive change management projects within the advertising and publishing industry and several years of building up digital companies and cross media products with an design thinking approach, I am now concentrating my efforts on software engineering and digital product design as well as its underlying narrative structures for future digital business models.

Additionally I am conducting scientific research on entrepreneurial ecosystems, public policy, high-growth venture financing and sociotechnical imaginaries.

I am ready for new ways to shape the future. Are you?