Elbjazz is getting bigger and bigger

Elbjazz Festival 2015

@Elbjazz is getting bigger and bigger… #festival #hamburg #elbe #jazz #concert

Trying on the Apple Watch

Starting today, the Apple Watch can be preordered online and is available for try-on-sessions in local retail stores with an appointment. Appointments can be made on online or via the Apple Store iOS App since 9:01 AM this morning (April 10 2015).

Apparently things are not as bad as expected, since I got a slot at 11 AM and the store was far from crowded. Looks like the demand is not that crazy after all. I really like the way they chose to display the watch and must admit that trying it on is the most personal shopping experience at Apple’s stores yet. Any edition of the watch just looks great, although one might opt for the pricier versions in terms of variety and style options. But still, the rubber silicon whatever wristbands of the Sport edition feel far better than expected. Anyway, I am hooked and will be preordering today… an Apple Watch Sport in black, I might add.

Waiting for the maestro… Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone - live at O2 World Hamburg

Waiting for the maestro… Ennio Morricone – My Life in Music at O2 World

Airbnb vs. Berlin? Was sagen die Daten?

Airbnb vs. Berlin? Was sagen die Daten?

Diana Krall – Wallflower World Tour 2015

Diana Krall will be in Hamburg during her upcoming World Tour 2015, tickets for the concert at CCH Hamburg on October 5 2015 are available on Eventim, starting at 54 €. If you are into her new album, check out the rest of her discography. It’s awesome and has been for decades.

Recently, I went to a California Sushi course

Recently, I went to a California Sushi course with my sister in Hamburg.

These are results of 1,5 hours of cutting vegetables, cookings rice, preparing the fish and another 1,5 hours of inside-out sushi roll training.

Among many others we had a maguro tuna and avocado roll, chicken and paprika tempura roll, salmon and avocado roll with green tobiko topping and some tuna, salmon and mango nigiri.

Personally, I am more into sashimi, but it was a fun evening with quite too much to eat… It will be some time before I try this at home. But if I do, I am prepared (although my sister showed far superior sushi rolling skills).

What do you think about my sushi? How do they look?