Remarkable People Podcast by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People Podcast

Over the years, I have shared various talks and reviewed 2 books by Guy Kawasaki. I really like his view on the technology world and consider him to be one of the most inspiring sources around differentiation, evangelism and marketing in general. Also, I honestly believe he is a great Mensch and follow him with anticipation for his next move.

Now, in December 2019, Guy Kawasaki started a podcast. It’s the first time for him and although podcasts are the new, old, new hot thing right now, he never was into this media format before. With his books and many talks on Youtube etc., I was curious in which way a podcast could be adding to the wisdom he is already spreading for decades.

The podcast is named “Remarkable People” and focusses on interviews with, of course, remarkable people. This is an unusual and new setting, as usually his talks and videos are mostly about him. So I am excited to hear where this is going. And of course, as one would expect, Guy Kawasaki doesn’t kid around and aims for the big leagues.

I love the concept of “go big or go home,” so I wanted to unveil my podcast with a truly remarkable person. Who could be better than Jane Goodall?

This was a very nice choice and built on the TEDx Interview Guy Kawasaki did with Jane Goodall in 2018. Although the podcast episode just lasted 29 minutes and could have easily been twice as long, I really enjoyed the inaugural episode. Jane Goodall is an amazing human being and her life’s story is both inspiring and impactful to all our existence on many levels. Even more so, I really enjoy listening to her perspective on life itself, our planet and her humble and loving view on humanity.

The podcast episode was well produced and the emotional music chosen to support the narrative was very touching. The choice of music alone made this captivating for me. It made this podcast one of my absolute favourites and I can’t wait for the next episode. I am sure, the “Remarkable People” podcast can easily become the best podcast series I have ever followed.

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