Shot on iPhone 6

Apparently, there is a new showcase of photos taken with iPhone 6 on Apple’s Homepage. According to news at at it is just the beginning of a larger campaign:

“[…] involving 77 photographers, 70 cities and 24 countries. Apple will be featuring photos taken with an iPhone 6 in print media, transit posters and billboards across the world.”
Source: Apple Showcases ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ World Photo Gallery on Homepage

Apple Reports Record Earnings and iPhone Sales: $18B Profit on $74.6B in Revenue for Q1 2015

Apple Reports Record Earnings and iPhone Sales: $18B Profit on $74.6B in Revenue for Q1 2015

An evening with my Impossible Instant Lab – Creating Instant Photos

Since my bedroom wall is supposed to be decorated with Polaroid instant photos, I spent an evening with my Impossible Instant Lab, developing a series of photos with an iPhone 5 and the Impossible iOS App.




The result being a bunch of color and black & white photos soon to be displayed in my personal little art gallery.

It comes at a price, though. 8 instant photos produced with Impossible Instant film sum up to 20 €, not considering the price of the instant lab. That one actually dropped recently from around 250 € to just 120 €.

So now is a good a time as any to start your instant photo experience even if you don’t want to buy an analog Polaroid camera like my Polaroid SX-70 Landa Camera.

Eve HomeKit Accessories

In September 2014 Elgato introduced Eve Smart Home Sensors supporting Apple’s HomeKit. I am not quite sure what to do with them really, but I am convinced I need stuff like this…

I can’t wait for a connected home. I would even consider renovating on a large scale to make it happen. For more information on the Elgato Eve sensors visit


Source: eve – know your home, October 9 2014 


Source: eve – know your home, October 9 2014 

My new boardgames… today: Walking Class Heroes

Take a look at my latest acquisition of boardgames:


For anyone having girls in the house, I especially recommend Walking Class Heroes with the world’s most famous shoes… pretty scary…. They also have an iOS version of the game. See for yourself:

Further information about the game can be found at I also want to point out their contact mail adress, Love it.

Table Connect for iPhone… a fake afterall

Although it makes me sad, the team behind the table connect for iPhone revealed the truth behind their viral campagne at TEDxVienna on October 22… it’s a fake afterall. Take a look at the video of the event:

Rattling my cage – iPhone 4S vibrate buzz

I admit, I am happy to have the new iPhone 4S, although Siri does not satisfy my deepest desires for finally having a computer to talk just like the Star Trek Computer Voice. However, one thing does not make me happy. Compared to the iPhone 4, the new iPhone seems to be of lesser quality in terms of material. It feels cheap and it makes a disturbing buzzing noise while vibrating.

This is already an issue in Apple’s support community but a statement from Apple has not been issued yet. There is even a recording of it. Quite disturbing, isn’t it? Someone in the support thread says, he’s gotten a new iPhone at an Apple store without the error. Somehow I am not convinced that’s the solution. So far I’ve seen 5 iPhone 4S. They all had the same buzzy noise.


Maybe I have to put the iPhone in a vibration absorbing case and wrap it in plastic, as someone I know did (for other reasons of course). It sure looks like a new artform but it’s not the right way for me. So I really hope Apple comes up with a better solution.

Table Connect for iPhone… it’s real afterall

Long time, not see… It has been some time and most people might have already forgotten the Table Connect Team I wrote about 8 month ago. Almost anyone thought it was a fake project but now they are back… and they will make their first public appearance at TEDx Vienna on October 22. I am really looking forward to this.

The yet unknown team behind the infamous “Table Connect for iPhone” project has agreed to make its first public appearance at TEDxVienna. It was featured on news outlets such as EngadgetThe SunForbes and many more. After months of hard work behind the scenes, the team will talk about the ups and downs of the project, and announced the first short live demonstration. Find out more here.

(Source: “Confirmed Speakers” TEDx Vienna)

(Source: “Table Connect for iPhone”)

If you havent’s seen it, basically it is a table mounted display connected to the iPhone allowing multitouch gestures. The Table Connect Team posted this video in November 2010:

Shortly after they showed off playing Labyrinth 2 for iPhone on the table.

I am really excited to see what they came up with. I will post an update as soon as the TED videos of the event are available.