The Color of the Internet

Internet Color Palette

For many months now, I am thinking about one question: What color is the internet? My guess: the internet is blue. We in Germany know from advertising that electricity is yellow (there is a supplier called Yellowstrom), so everything has to have a color.

It might be a stupid question or a quite deep one, whatever you prefer. Although it is impossible to actually answer the question, one of my ideas is this: take the top 100,000,000 web sites, reduce it’s home screen to one pixel with the color code of the arithmetic average of the entire site. Putting together an image with those pixels should show a dominant color if there is one. Also one could sort the pixels by color code to make the differentiation more visible or divide the pixels in to rough color categories and count he pixels for its share.

A somewhat similar attempt has been tried by They took the top websites from the categories design, game and blogs and created some color rainbow of the internet. The guys from A2591 documented this in their blog.


Source: “What is the color of the internet?”

Although I still want to try my approach for comparison, it seems that I am correct: the internet is mostly blue. In particular, blogs are red, games are green and design website are grey. I must admit they are calling it dominant colors for the categories, the average color seems pretty grey.


Source: “What is the color of the internet?”

What do you think, is the color of the internet?

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