August 3, 2021

Learning Design Tools

In recents months I worked on a series of practical tools and canvases intended to support educators in ideating, designing, implementing and delivering better...

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wynwood walls
January 24, 2016

Wynwood Walls in Miami

While in Miami during December 2015, I visited the city’s business improvement district Wynwood. It is an old industrial and warehouse district that was transformed...

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art silicon valley san francisco 2015 entrance
October 30, 2015

Prelude to Spectra at Art Silicon Valley

Recently I went to Art Silicon Valley San Francisco (9-11 October 2015) at the San Mateo Event Center, an international contemporary and modern art...

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Mustang manual
September 23, 2015

1965 Mustang Convertible Insignia Details

I really like vintage Ford Mustang muscle cars from 1965-69. Here are some insignia shots of the 1965 Mustang Convertible I wrote about earlier as...

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Russian Maps
July 21, 2015

Inside the Secret World of Russia’s Cold War Mapmakers

Inside the Secret World of Russia’s Cold War Mapmakers “The maps were part of one of the most ambitious cartographic enterprises ever undertaken. During...

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mprecke - a portrait drawn by ava
May 12, 2015

A portrait drawn by AVA

A portrait drawn by AVA.

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Internet Color Palette
April 17, 2015

Internet, Why So Blue?

Internet, Why So Blue? Children ask why the sky is blue, and there usually isn’t anybody around to provide a satisfying answer. The sky...

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intosite - handbook
October 24, 2014

New office for intosite

Recently intosite moved into its new office on the 3rd floor of the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG building in Poßmoorweg 2 in Hamburg. All division of...

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Apple Geisha
June 24, 2014

Susan Kare, Iconographer – About designing icons and symbols

Susan Kare is undoubtedly a pioneer of user interface graphics and pixel art. She worked on the original Macintosh Team at Apple and joined Steve Jobs...

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Flying Toasters Full Screen
February 11, 2013

Flying Toasters – For those of you who remember…

Isn’t this amazing? As ridiculous as it might sound. It brings back memories from my childhood. The nostalgia almost makes we want to look...

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