Sashimi at Toni’s Sushi Bar in Miami Beach

Toni's Sushi Bar

While in Miami for New Year’s Eve, I went to Toni’s Sushi Bar in Miami Beach for some Sashimi. As a party of two we went there with no reservation on December 31 2015 and got some nice seats at the sushi bar. It is a small restaurant with 50 seats at the most, centrally located. Operating since 1987, they claim to be the first sushi restaurant in Miami Beach. High Zagat ratings underline the ongoing success of the restaurant.

Sashimi & more

I started out with a grilled salmon skin handroll and opted for a deluxe sashimi platter and worked my way through the menu. I was really amazed by the quality and variety of the fish and the specials they seem to change on a daily basis. The platter came with maguro, hamachi, sake, cobia (which I never had before) and kanpachi. Since they had toro on the specials menu, I couldn’t resist and added some aji and tai. To finish things off, I enjoyed both an unagi and anago as nigiri.

I really enjoyed everything we had and can attest that Toni’s Sushi Bar is indeed great. The veggie tempura, gioza and miso soup was also very good. We enjoyed it so much, that we went a second time on the last day of our trip.

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