Prelude to Spectra at Art Silicon Valley

art silicon valley san francisco 2015 entrance

Recently I went to Art Silicon Valley San Francisco (9-11 October 2015) at the San Mateo Event Center, an international contemporary and modern art fair. Art SV/SF is Art Miami’s fair on the West Coast between San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The art sv/sf 2015 prospectus provides with a glimpse of what was on display.

“The second edition will run October 8-11, 2015 at the San Mateo Event Center and will showcase important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries in collaboration with some of the world’s most respected galleries and art institutions.

In keeping with Art Miami’s high standards of quality, the Fair will offer a sophisticated, curated setting that showcases blue-chip Post-War and Modern works as well art by top Contemporary, Emerging and New Media artists.”

I especially enjoyed “Prelude to Spectra”, a large-scale practice performance piece, inviting visitors to engage with the facade of the San Mateo Event center by shooting paintball bullets onto the entrance of the fair. It is a project by Walter & Zoniel, who plan to perform something similar in the UK in 2016 on a face of a historical building with biodegradable paint. So I gave it a “shot” and did my part to make it a memorable piece.

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