Long live the iPad… and Keynote

iPad Keynote Remote

As I was updating my Keynote for iPad app today, I notices two things: First, it now runs on the iPhone. Second, it supports the Keynote Remote app. I like this app already as it allows me to remote control my desktop Keynote presentations. With the combination of these two apps, the iPad 2 finally becomes a powerful business device. As I have an iPhone anyway I am good to go with my new presentation setup.


Using the video mirroring functionality of the iPad 2, I can show my entire iPad 2 screen on any display or projector using a VGA or HDMI adapter. Also I can use the keynote app to show my presentations without carrying a macbook around. In the Keynote app’s settings remote control can be enabled. You need to pair your iPhone running the Keynote Remote app as you would do with your desktop Mac.



I really like how easy this works. I get all the features I want out of my apps with a free update. I have full presentation control with my iPhone, I can move around and see my notes while the iPad is connected to the projector.


There is just one more thing I need: Airplay for everything. I would really appreciate the ability to stream my entire iPad or iPhone screen to any screen available. Let’s see, where we go from here.

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