Following The Trails Of Sushi Ran

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Since I was in San Francisco for Apple’s WWDC 2014, I had some time to explore the latest developments surrounding my favourite local sushi restaurant Sushi Ran in Sausalito, California. Actually, I first came across Sushi Ran during an Apple Keynote, when Steve Jobs showed off the restaurant within a product demo, virtually making a reservation. So, as an Apple fanboy, I went – and I LOVED it.

Since then, I have been at Sushi Ran every single time I was in the San Francisco Bay Area – just like this time. I decided to do an omakase sashimi menu at the sushi bar. So, I only had Sashimi and hell, it was delicious. Here are some pictures I took during the evening.

Sushi Ran - sustainable zuke chu toro (red wine cured medium fatty tuna)
sustainable zuke chu toro (red wine cured medium fatty tuna)
Sushi Ran - copper river king (wild king salmon)
copper river king (wild king salmon)
Sushi Ran - hotategai (sea scallop)
hotategai (sea scallop)
Sushi Ran - hamachi - (yellowtail) & madai (wild red snapper)
hamachi – (yellowtail) & madai (wild red snapper)

In addition I had some umi masu (ocean trout), aji (line caught horse mackerel), sustainable blue fin maguro and toro and finally some unagi.

It truly is a great restaurant. They take a rather traditional approach, really focussing on the fish itself. They don’t do any of that fancy California sushi stuff with lots of sauce, avocado or even mayo. They are focussing on the essence of the fish – I like that. On their website they describe it as a vibrant fusion of traditional Japanese and Pacific cuisine. Sushi Ran is supposed to have an excellent sake selection as well. Since I am not into sake at all, I cannot state anything worth your time. But they are really passionate about everything they do and provide the highest quality and most tasteful fish I have eaten so far. Although I am no gourmet critic or anything, I really think they deserve to be one of the top-rated restaurants in the Bay Area.

The next day, during Tim Cook’s Keynote at Apple’s WWDC 2014, Sushi Ran was shown off again by Craig Federighi within the new Safari UI during the MAC OS X Yosemite product demo… That was a fun moment for me.


During the evening I came across the fact, that some Sushi Ran personal had left for new endeavours in the city. So I set out to test them all against my benchmark – Sushi Ran.

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