Conference Workshop on Machine Learning at Swift Heroes Digital 2021

Creating Machine Learning Models with Create ML at Swift Heroes Digital 2021

This year, I hosted a workshop about machine learning together with Giovanni and Tiago  at the Swift Heroes Digital 2021 developer conference in April 2021. It was called “Creating Machine Learning Models with Create ML”. To accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held in a virtual format. So we joined the event in Milan from Düsseldorf and Napoli to facilitate the workshop and q&a session.

Leveraging the unparalleled computing power of latest generation Apple devices, Machine Learning is at the core of many innovative and cutting edge apps in the Apple technology ecosystem. This session will fast track the creation of your own machine learning models using the Create ML Toolkit. The resulting Core ML models can be directly used in Xcode and provide new abilities to your projects. We will cover basic types of machine learning models and then demo the creation of image classification an object detection models as examples. For this we will also leverage powerful and free cloud toolchains with IBM Cloud Annotations to supercharge your model training process. As a final takeaway, the session will showcase how Core ML models can even be used in Swift Playgrounds, an edge use case that may provide interesting opportunities not just for prototyping.

Swift Heroes 2021 Agenda

We introduced Apple’s ML technologies and provided a demo on how to create a custom machine learning model with Create ML. As a takeaway, we also demonstrated how to use Core ML models in iOS apps and even in Swift Playgrounds. Prior the conference, we also gave an interview about our workshop and what we think are key skills for great iOS developers in 2021.

In addition to sharing all resources used to create workshop, we also created a series of articles, tutorials and references to share the workshop content on the Create with Swift website. The content aims to get you started with machine learning in your development projects for Apple platforms.

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