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Apple Charger

Using Apple’s wireless keyboards and mouses keeps challenges me with the need for new batteries in the most inconvenient situations, such as Sunday afternoons when there is no place to get new ones. Obviously rechargeable batteries would be an option but it never quite worked out with my Apple peripherals before. Still, I want the most energy-efficient way to power my accessories. As advertised, the new Apple Battery Charger might just do the trick.

Reduce, reuse, recharge.

Introducing the first battery charger designed by Apple. It charges quickly and uses energy wisely. And it comes withs six AA batteries, so you’ll alway have plenty of power for your wireless Mac accessories.

I don’t really know if it is the promised “More charges. Less waste.” or “The Smarter way to charge”, nor can I verify it. Fact is, it is not important because what gets my attention in the end is “It’s a beautiful fit.”. It is the most beautiful battery charger around for sure, which a quick google search for “battery charger” illustrates. Although it is not really important what the charger looks like because it is hidden away behind the desk anyway, but I prefer the hidden spots to look nice as well.

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