AC-7 Core – virtual DAW controller for the iPad

iPad DAW Controller

When using Apple Logic Studio 9, a DAW controller always comes in handy. Any control unit of higher quality easily costs more than $ 1,300 (e.g. the Mackie MCU). Now there is an alternative: the first sophisticated iPad DAW controller app AC-7 Core from Saitara Software. The apps run on iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches running iOS4.2 or higher. Wether this app solves all your problems or not, it is quite a setup for small money. For myself I must admit I still want a Mackie MCU. Still, the AC-7 Core might come in handy in specific situations, such as when sitting on your electric piano in need of a remote control. 

iPad DAW Controller
iPad AC-7 Core DAW Controller
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