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NYC - One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

During my latest trip to New York, I went up to the One World Observatory at One World Trade Center. While waiting in line, I looked up and took this shot with my iPhone. Among an amazing view to start the day, I enjoyed a few other of my favourite perks walking around town.

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City Layouts - 1

City Layouts

2015 | City Layouts | Design by Luis Dilger Topography, architecture and traffic routes give every city a unique structure.These conditions create the typical and individual inner structure of a city.I didn’t only want to show these structures in the conventional way from above, but also including the exact three-dimensionality of topography and buildings – a real world visualisation.The OpenStreetMap data enabled me to visualize the satellite-based information using DEM Earth in Cinema 4D. The results are some extraordinary views […]

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Rock of Ages - Las Vegas - 2

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is an amazing musical set in the 80-ies Rock era in Los Angeles. Recently I stumbled upon this Love to ROCK TV Commercial. I absolutely love it, but I am still a few visit away from having seen it 178 times… yet, I might add. If you are interested in how this musical came into being, there is a nice documentary created by coin called The Road to “Rock of Ages”. Sadly, the art of Rock of […]

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