Music Man Luke remake by OLP

As you know, a Music Man Luke III is what I wanted. Well, since there is absolutely no reason what so ever to justify an investment like that (since I clearly lack any kind of skill) – this is what I’ve got:

A used Music Man Luke remake by OLP, made in China instead of the US but still officially licensed by Ernie Ball as far as the headstock design goes. If you are interested, there is a product review in comparison to the original model at All in all, it’s a totally different and lower quality guitar with different pickups etc. but still…

To match the somewhat low budget investment, I decided to skip any fancy interface or multi effect as well and got an AmpliTube iRig for just 18 €. It’s an ok quality guitar/bass interface for iOS and works with the IK Multimedia apps as well as many others. You can also use the interface with your Mac, so it’s quite versatile for the money and surely a cheap place to start.


Music Man Luke III


New kid on the block…………….Steve Lukather Music Man

Luke III

Music Man Luke III, totally the stuff I’d want if I had any skill …

Also I would love the AMPLIFi TT by line6, a totally kick ass tabletop multi effect with a remote app for iOS or Android. for just 188 €.