intophoto gets it’s 360° photo box for product photography


intophoto – intosite’s new photo studio – gets it’s 360° photo box for automatically cropped product photography. The setup took quite some time, but now it’s ready. The technology is provided by Fast Forward Imaging, a Berlin based technology startup that is part of the portfolio of companies the Ganske Media Group invested in.

To give an idea about the potential of the technology developed by Fast Forward Imaging, the team at at intosystems – the IT department of intosite – tested a Mac Pro with a Sharp 4K display in the intophoto studio to showcase the 360° automated product photography solution. So this video shows what a Mac Pro looks like from the inside. It’s quite amazing what fits inside this little box.

DISCLAIMER: Both intosite and Fast Forward Imaging are companies I am involved is an executive manger within the Ganske Media Group.

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