Merry Christmas from New Orleans

Trying something different this year: Christmas in New Orleans at 26° C (78°F) with intense humidity. Unfortunately it is rather cloudy and rains from time to time, although it might be even more sticky if the sun was shining… All in all, it is rather strange to be away from home during this time of year. Missing the cold, it is also difficult to get into the Christmas holiday mood.

Here are some Christmas decorations from Bourbon St, St Ann St and Jackson Square in the French Quarter as well as from Fulton St. On every corner there is music, dominated by jazzy Christmas songs about snow, the cold and everything else that is missing around here 😉

My Polaroid Gallery


Today, Kristin and I started gluing our recently produced instant photos to the wall… So, here’s our first iteration of our personal Polaroid gallery. Since we needed to cover some boreholes, we started with a rectangle… We will see where it might end.

We used tesa Tack, double-sided adhesive pads, to fix the photos to the wall. Despite all the negative comments on Amazon, they seem to be strong enough to hold the photos on my wall so far (no wall paper, I might add).

Dreaming of snow, California style…

Although it’s almost Christmas again, it seemed quite strange to see the Christmas decoration available at The Holiday Shoppe in Sausalito, California. Not only was it almost 70° F (around 22° C) late that night, there was a snow machine on display.


There are tons of other things available. If you love Santa and always wondered what he’d do in California, take a look at this 10″ Sand Bar Santa for just $68.99.

Source: “10” Sand Bar Santa” The Holiday Shoppe

For anyone being curious, a virtual tour of the shop is available, they have a webshop and ship globally. If you want to go for yourself, you’ll find The Holiday Shoppe at 755 Bridgeway Sausalito, CA 94965.

Anyway, I still prefer the stuff I pointed out to you last year. Even better, the amazing USS Enterprise model ist still available. Take a look if you dare.

(Source: The Pop Top Shop)