Tower of Power live at the Fabrik in Hamburg 2015

On December 9 2015 epic recording artist Tower of Power from Oakland, California, was showing off their awesome tower groove and world’s best horn section at the Fabrik in Hamburg. As was advertised repeatedly during the show, the band is celebrating its 48th year of existence, providing the world with urban soul music… and as you may know, I have seen them quite often already and highly recommend them as one the most energetic live bands I have ever seen. Just check out Youtube

I especially like their new lead singer, Ray Greene, who joined the band 2 years ago, substituting for Larry Braggs, and also joins the horn section on the trombone at times. This certainly adds to the mix of the already outstanding setup of the band. I really hope Emilio Castillo and Stephen “Doc” Kupka, the founders of the band and both well in their sixties, keep it up until at least 50 years of Tower of Power for a hopefully awesome and global anniversary tour.

For anyone interested in the Tower Groove, I especially recommend the video “Tower of Groove” by David Garibaldi, the bands drummer and probably the the most relevant funk drummer of all time.

Howard Shore – Lord of the Rings Symphony – Making of…

In case you don’t know what to do in your spare time, the special extended editions of the Lord of the Ring trilogy are available as a bundle in iTunes and add up to 11:36 hours of killed time… That’s almost half a day. Nice.

I suppose there will be special extended editions of the Hobbit trilogy as well. With any luck, it adds up to a full 24 hours. That would probably be the longest documentary about New Zealand ever produced.