Google trends confirmes stereotypes


Portland likes coffee, and other accurate food stereotypes now confirmed by Google.

Congratulations, Washington, DC, you’re the most interested in “restaurants:”


Coffee, unsurprisingly, reigns supreme in Portland, OR:


Wine wins the day in San Francisco:


See what else the folks at Google Trends found using search data to determine which large cities and towns care the most about different aspects of the food world.

Coffee in Paris

When visiting Paris, one should definitely spent some time seeing what needs to be seen, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Les Invalides, la tour Eiffel and everything else.

All very nice. The rest of the time can be spent by sitting in cafés, drinking coffee, enjoying the sun. Good cafés are listed here and if you are wondering where you can enjoy these comforts on a budget, here is a Google Map of cafés offering coffee for 1 €.

My brand wew Nespresso “I can do it all” machine

As I haven’t written anything for 2 weeks now, I owe you an explanation. The main reason is: christmas holidays. In addition my Nespresso machine broke down which means I can not be reasoned with. Since yesterday I am back with the living with my brand new Delonghi EN 720 M Lattissima Premium.


Basically it does the same thing the old one did: very nice espresso. Of course it has far more buttons and does fancier blinking. In addition it has a nice cup warming plate, a removable milk container and most importantly it has a metal finish.


So, rest assured I am back to the real world.