Eric Fischer - locals and tourists - San Francisco
March 31, 2015

Eric Fischer’s visual representation of pictures taken in San Francisco by tourists and locals

A visual representation of where pictures are taken in San Francisco as tourists and locals. Source: Eric Fischer (flickr) Looks nice, doesn’t it? Data...

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Airbnb vs. Berlin
March 19, 2015

Airbnb vs. Berlin? Was sagen die Daten?

A great example of convincing visual storytelling and data journalism. This is an impressive data driven story about airbnb accommodations in Berlin and its correlations...

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Where have you cried in San Francisco? - 1
February 2, 2015

Where have you cried in San Francisco?

San-Francisco: When you tell your story to others you provide also the wisdom of your life to our human community. This digital storytelling collection...

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tweet disco - 1
October 11, 2014


#tweetdisco at Island

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Some movie tickets
September 8, 2014

Some Movie Tickets

Since I collected all my movie tickets since 1996 (at least that’s what I hope) and only remember 3 movies I have seen in a...

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ESSO buildings Reeperbahn
July 15, 2014

The “Esso Buildings” (Esso Häuser) have been demolished

While walking down the Reeperbahn the other night, I realised that the “Esso Buildings” (Esso Häuser) have been demolished already. If you are interested...

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