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8mm - developed 8mm film material - 2
January 14, 2014

My Super8 8mm Experiment – 8mm motion picture film format

8mm film is a motion picture film standard developed by Kodak in 1932 to create a cheap “home movie” format. Its most famous filmed sequence...

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Leicina Special
January 12, 2014

My Super8 8mm Experiment – LEICINA SPECIAL

Last time I visited my parents, I took the LEICINA SPECIAL with me. It’s a Super8 8mm film camera produced by Ernst Leitz GmbH in Germany...

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Leica M8
August 30, 2013

Me and the Leica M8

Ever since its introduction in 2006, the Leica M8 had a special place in my heart. It was Leica’s first digital M camera and...

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Captain Horatio Hornblower
December 1, 2010

Hornblower and Star Trek – Connecting the dots

Image source: “Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.” Wikipedia I recently researched about literature from my childhood: The Hornblower Series by C. S. Forester. When I got...

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