Flying with Condor from FRA to SEZ

Recently, I flew with Condor on a Boeing 767-300 with new cabin design (refitted in 2013) from Frankfurt FRA to the Seychelles SEZ. Condor now offers Business, Premium Economy and Economy class seats with decent legroom on all long distance flights.



Most intriguing however, was the entertainment systems in the seats. It was a relatively large touch-enabled screen (and it’s quite ok) offering a variety of entertainment offerings and the usual integrated flight monitor. At first glance this seemed pretty nice and performed much better than the system used in Lufthansa aircrafts.



But, since Condor as part of Thomas Cook Group is kind of a no frills airline (which I didn’t assume) they charge extra for almost everything. Even before boarding there were a lot of extras: extra luggage obviously, but also special meals, the ability to choose your seat etc. … Since I really needed to choose the seat, I paid 30 € for that and thought I was through.

But when I started the entertainment system, it offered premium entertainment for only 7 € per flight and person. You just buy a voucher from the flight attendant (they expect you to have exact change of course) and you are good to go.



If you don’t want to use the premium entertainment, there is a variety of movies and TV shows available free of charge. The downside might be, that you won’t get headphones either. They offered me “Friends, Season 7, Episode 1”, you know the one with Monica’s Thunder and in addition “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, a romantic comedy from 2012 in the Featured cetegory. So far so good.


In Genres, I could choose between Comedy and Drama. Comedy consisted of “Friends, Season 7, Episode 1” and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. Drama offered me What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

So I couldn’t wait to find out, what was offered in the All section. As you might have guessed, it was “Friends, Season 7, Episode 1” and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.


I am not kidding, this was all for a 9 hour and 30 minute flight. But still, it was a overnight flight, so I guessed I might just sleep through it. But in fact, I didn’t… because after drinks and dinner Condor offered inflight shopping, which took hours and only after that they finally switched off the lights. This was way after I have watched booth Friends, Season 7, Episode 1 and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, of course.

So, you really should bring your own entertainment and your own headphones to a Condor flight. If you do, don’t worry about battery life, though. They have a USB port right at the display, so you can watch all the TV shows and movies you’ve got on your tablet or mobile (unfortunately, my USB port was broken, but I saw people using it).


In addition, I might add that although Condor is part of the Miles & More frequent flyer programme, I didn’t get any status miles for my flight, just a mere 500 award miles. That’s not much for a 7500 km (4660 miles) flight. If you choose to fly Emirates (3 hours more and via Dubai, so that’s why I didn’t), I am sure there will be lots of miles.

Anyway, since I was on my way to the beach, I just read a book, printed on paper. That was a crazy and entertaining experience all in its own. And just after a long night, I landed on the archipelago Seychelles, a 155-island country.

How amazing was that?

More images from the Seychelles can be found in my posts during my 2 weeks on Praslin and La Digue.