Google has not yet shown they are truly serious.

Google has not yet shown they are truly serious. From the outside, they are an advertising company.

Julia White, a general manager in Microsoft’s business division speaking to The New York Times on the threat of Google Apps.

This quote will probably come back to bite her and Microsoft (as usual). While all eyes are on Microsoft’s fumblings within the Windows Division, far more important is the Office Division, since it’s the company’s largest money-maker. Conventional wisdom holds that this is and will remain a stronghold for Microsoft. But as Quentin Hardy suggests, the walls are showing some very real signs of weakness.

I haven’t used Office in years. I use Google Apps on a daily basis. I can’t see kids asking their parents to buy them Office for their new MacBooks. Maybe some get it bundled with PCs, but will any of them use it on a regular basis? Whoever wins the colleges will win the war. And I wouldn’t bet against Google in the long term.

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Over the past few years I haven’t used Microsoft Office even if my company provided me with a licence. There is nothing I need, that couldn’t be done with Google Apps. In regards to presentations, I admit Apple’s Keynote is still far superior but it comes free with every new Mac.

As stated above, I am also convinced that whoever dominates the educational market, will be on the upside in the end. From my perspective it seems to be Google, by far.

What I really want: Microsoft Surface

A few years ago Microsoft introduced a multitouch computer called Microsoft Surface. It was extremely expensive and came in a form factor with the size of a table. It was a combination of a 30″ display and a camera in a box which tracked the multitouch gestures. At this time Apple introduced the iPhone which seemed far more attractive in both price and size. This spoof video sums it all up.

During the CES 2011 Microsoft introduced the next generation of Microsoft Surface and it looks far more promising. It lost the box and camera and looks far more like a normal LCD display. Also it is supposed to be affordable. Take a look at the keynote presentation:

If this device really was affordable and powered by a Mac, it actually might be just the thing for my living room.