pHenomenal Tonic & pHenomenal Ginger

I’m ready for some tests with Tonic and Ginger syrup by pHenomenal Drinks from Hamburg, Germany.


Blue Gin from Austria

The highly acclaimed Blue Gin was delivered last thursday as well. It is a small batch gin from Austria which received the gold award in the best gin category at the Destille 2013 according to


I am not familiar with the Destille Award in detail nor am I a frequent reader of Mixology magazine, but still I am always curious about trying new gins.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated…

Stauffenberg Dry Gin by Stauffenberg-Edelbrand

I’ve got mail…

Stauffenberg Dry Gin from Berlin. It comes with the best invoice envelope from any webshop ever and is supposed to be a delight. According to it was the shooting star at Destille 2013, receiving the silver award in the best gin category.

The Algonquin Signature Drinks in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - Algonquin signature drinks

The Algonquin Signature Drinks… at The Union in Copenhagen