For more than 10 years I worked in advertising and media corporations as well as high-tech startups. I was the executive manager for the digital business of a multi-channel publishing corporation for 5 years. During this time I took full responsibility as managing director of 3 companies, led cross-functional product teams, IT departments, M&A projects as well as business development efforts and grew the business from 5 to 100+ employees in less than 18 months. Before I spent some years designing and implementing international technology projects and worked for major global brands and Fortune 500 companies. Additionally I developed and published 1oo+ mobile apps as an independent iOS developer.

Since 2016, I offer my managerial expertise and in-depth industry insights on a freelance basis to a variety of customers in the media, technology and FinTech industry among others.

My dedicated services are:

Interim Management

Ranging from strategic corporate management to day-to-day operations, I support businesses of different sizes on a variety of topics. With a hands-on approach I assist and coach executives on cross-functional team management and guide business development efforts towards more immediate outcomes. I build up new teams, recruit industry talent, induce a constructive and open culture and propagate a good mood. If advisable, I restructure existing teams for heightened efficiency and metric driven controlling. With my operational and strategic experience I  manage the challenges of the digital transformation for my clients.


On a strategic level, I offer consulting  services on more focused issues. With a buttom-up approach I steer product development efforts with design thinking methodology to ensure user centric design and strategy orientation as well as consideration for technological requirements. With my experience in brand & product management as well as marketing and monetization strategies, I guide innovation efforts through the challenges of the media convergence. Additionally, I offer technical feasibility studies and support for corporate M&A strategies or due diligence projects as well as business model design, its implementation and long term evolution.

Project Management

On an operational level, I offer development and project management services ranging from small rapid prototyping sprints to major projects with € 10+ million budgets. I take operational responsibility to implement outlined product strategies with lean and agile methodologies to deliver minimum viable products (MVPs) and subsequent evolutionary results. With my experience in managing cross-functional teams, I plan projects, articulate their requirements and expected budget as well as execute in an efficient manner to stay in budget and time.

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