Publishing your Twitter feed

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one twitter user to publish his contents as a book this is a way to do it.

The obvious choice would be to print a book and sell it in huge numbers. Unfortunately has been discontinued due to changes in twitter’s authentication methods.

It has been fun while it lasted we hope you enjoyed the tool.

Source: “Archive & print all your tweets”

Maybe it is better to publish the tweets as an ebook. This way one reduces the costs of production and distribution. Also the interesting content can be read on popular reading devices such as the iPad. comes to mind.

With tweetbook you can generate a pdf e-book of your latest tweets and favorites. Also share the tweetbook with your friends!



It is quite simple. You log in with your twitter account and the service creates a PDF for you with your entire tweet history. It looks quite fancy on the iPad. Only on question remains: Is there anyone who would read it? I suppose not, so I will keep this one to myself.



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