Google for Work

I have been using Google services basically since their inception and always thought of them as tools of choice for a more efficient and productive way to work, innovate, create or just do stuff. Over the years, I deeply integrated these services in my personal working environment as well as in the companies I worked at.

In 2010, I implemented Google Apps for Work as an Enterprise 2.0 solution for the entire agency network Scholz & Friends with 1250+ users in various locations all over Europe and created an associated change management to evangelise collaboration as a new working standard.

Within in the GANSKE MEDIA GROUP, Google Apps and its suite of collaborative services are deeply integrated in all processes from sales and editorial departments to IT services and product development ever since 2011. Within the corporate group they are used with 1000+ users in 5 locations all over Germany.

Since 2013, I am actively involved in spreading the word even further, helping more and more companies from industries like advertising, finance, digital, health and others to “go google”. So far, I enabled 3000+ users to make the most of their daily work.

Although this is not the main focus of my work, I am deeply passionate about “going google” with anyone who is willing.

google-certified-deployment-specialist google-certified-adminstrator