FAST FORWARD IMAGING gewinnt Neumacher Gründerwettbewerb 2014

FFWI gewinnt Neumacher Gründerwettbewerb 2014 – Congrats to FAST FORWARD IMAGING and the entire team. How incredibly cool is that. Even more reasons to try our their awesome automatically cropped 360° hi-res product photography solution.

Another Day at the Office

Clarity from the inside seems to be the motto of the day at the office.

FAST FORWARD IMAGING at ‚Neumacher‘ and ‚StartmeupHK‘

FAST FORWARD IMAGING is on its way to the start-up competition finals at ‚Neumacher‘ and ‚StartmeupHK‘. Das Berliner Hardware-Startup hat es bei den beiden Gründerwettbewerben ‚Neumacher‘ und ‚StartmeupHK‘ in die nächste Runde geschafft. […]



Washday – I can actually SEE something now…. and it’s a beautiful day.