-2 Apple Notifications…

In case you ever wondered how awesome it would be to reach an inbox zero state, I can attest to even better things to strive for… -2 new messages.


My new boardgames… today: Walking Class Heroes

Take a look at my latest acquisition of boardgames:


For anyone having girls in the house, I especially recommend Walking Class Heroes with the world’s most famous shoes… pretty scary…. They also have an iOS version of the game. See for yourself:

Further information about the game can be found at bitte-bitte.com. I also want to point out their contact mail adress, hallo-hallo@bitte-bitte.com. Love it.

Listening to “Transition” by Steve Lukather

The new Steve Lukather album “Transition” is out. Further details can be found on stevelukather.net

Testing Assassin’s Creed III Multiplayer on PS3

abstergo entertainment

Testing Assassin’s Creed III Multiplayer on PS3 – Abstergo Entertainment Animus