A must have: iLaunch Thunder Rocket Launcher

I just recently came across the DREAM CHEEKY iLAUNCH THUNDER Rocket Launcher. It loads its battery via USB and can be controlled using bluetooth on any iOS Device with the iLaunch Controller App für iPhone, iPod and iPad. It has the ability to rotate 270° horizontally and around 40° vertically. It comes with 4 soft foam darts and they do have some power.

“Strike fear into the hearts of your fellow cube-dwellers with the iLaunch Thunder. Wirelessly controlled by your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, the iLaunch Thunder combines the best of Bluetooth technology and extreme innovation with a bit of insanity…

With a 270 degree horizontal rotation, a vertical flexibility of more than 40 degrees and a shooting distance of around 25 feet, the iLaunch Thunder will cover more than 1,400 square feet of your workspace. That definitely gives you more than enough coverage to declare some serious office warfare!”

Source: “iLaunch Thunder” DREAM CHEEKY


Controlling the rocket launcher with the app is very easy but not so precise. It is wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth by touch or gyro sensor control. The app comes with nice sounds and the ability to take pictures of your “target”. A nice addition to any future developed rocket launchers might be a camera for aiming.